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    Strategic Management

Making Plans? We've Got You Covered.


SLVR Financial® offers both self-guided and personal one-on-one options to assist you with navigating financial considerations such as budgeting, loan repayments, and strategic business investments. 


Our customized solutions will help you assess your priorities, track your expenditures, craft a contingency plan, and develop actionable goals. 

Minimum Assets Under Management $100,000 USD

 Annual Management fee of 1% and $575 Administration Fee**


**Strategic Management included with fees.


What does your business planning look like?


We review the following items, and more:

  • Debts

  • Income

  • Investments

  • Financial Goals

  • Your Niche Market

  • Private Strategic Business Analysis

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Our Commitment

Our Client Services professionals will take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your circumstances. We will walk you through the money management process with truth and transparency.

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