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Business Loans

Because you need money to make money.


The excitement of starting your business doesn’t have to be clouded by the stress of funding your business. Once you know how much startup funding you’ll need, SLVR Financial®  will help you assess what funding structure is best for your business. Here’s what you will need:


  • Business Loan Amount

  • S.M.A.R.T. Box details

  • Total Cost of Capital

Business Loan Calculator
Money Management
Because Business Planning is complex.
What does your business look like? SLVR Financial® provides self-guided and personal one-on-one budgeting, loan payments, investments, and other financial challenges navigation. Personal Services will guide you through assessing what your priorities are, track your spending, contingency planning, and customized goal setting.
Business Planning Calculator
Debt Consolidation
Because simplicity is freedom.
Debt consolidation looks at incurred debt, such as student loans, medical debt, home improvements, family status changes, etc. by transferring debts to one loan to pay off the others. SLVR Financial® customizes unique management tools at your fingertips to help you manage your loan and finances at your fingertips. (list tools and link to survey/application to get started?)
Debt Consolidation Calculator
Business Insurance

Because it is necessary to protect your business.


Protection is necessary. Your ideas and your team need security and you need to keep your risks mitigated effectively - Insurance is one of the best options to protect your personal and business capabilities.


SLVR Financial® moves you forward by providing protection options for you, while securing one of your most precious assets - your business.

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Litigation Financing

Because needing a lawyer will happen, and does happen when you least expect it.


If you currently find yourself in a personal injury or contingency lawsuit, and have a lack of financial resources for litigation or arbitration, Litigation Financing, could be the best option to protect your personal or business operations. SLVR Financial® levels the playing field by providing resources to pursue legal claims for you, while securing your finances.

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